1. Holcomb, Susan Simmons ARNP, BC, PhD

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A nurse comes into the clinic looking for help. Let's take a peek at her medical record:

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S: Complaining of winter blues, lack of contact with peers, boredom, frustration


O: Vital signs within normal limits; affect flat


A: Seasonal affective disorder related to lack of sunlight and mental stimulation


P: Attend a national nursing conference in a sunny city where winter has ended and fun begins.



Does this sound like you at this time of year? It sure sounds like me. After being cooped up all winter, going to work, paying holiday bills, doing taxes, and shoveling snow, I start to feel run down.


One of the best ways I've found to recharge my battery is to participate in a national nursing conference in an area of sun and fun where I can mingle with old friends and make new ones. This month, I'm headed for the Nursing2008 Symposium in Las Vegas (March 18 to 21). It's not too late to register, so why not join me? I'll be speaking on a topic close to my heart: the perils and pitfalls of herb/drug interactions.


I find that attending a national nursing conference has so many rewards. Because of the variety of session choices, you can "design" your own conference by choosing breakout sessions tailored to your interests. Here are a few more goals and objectives that you can achieve by signing up for a conference:


* Get out of town!!


* Catch some rays.


* Collect all the continuing-education credits you need to renew your license.


* Meet interesting nurses from across the country and around the world.


* Take a lunch break. Imagine having time to sit down, chew, and savor your meal!!


* Take a break from answering the phone, cooking meals, and doing laundry.


* Pick the brains of entertaining speakers who are experts in their field.


* Sleep through the night, uninterrupted!!


* Take a close look at up-and-coming tools of the health care trade.


* Go out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant and enjoy a great show.


* Take a tax deduction!!


* Laugh to release endorphins, which boost the immune system, manage pain, and ease depression. (In short, you just feel better!!)



Going to the Nursing2008 Symposium will be like a vacation to me, even though I'm "working" as a presenter. Las Vegas and the surrounding area have so much to offer, including world-class entertainment, spectacular western scenery, and ideal weather.


So meet me in Las Vegas and shake off the winter blues. See you there!!


Susan Simmons Holcomb, ARNP, BC, PhD


Family Nurse Practitioner, Olathe, Kansas