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Intestinal dilators for bowel surgery

Kapp Surgical Instrument Inc., offers the Cleveland Clinic Intestinal Dilators (Bougies), made of surgically approved, latex-free, rubber material. These dilators are useful for sounding and dilating the lumina of various parts of the intestinal tract.


The Bougies are also useful to assess a true diameter of the contracted bowel for facilitating the surgical reunion of the divided ends of the intestinal tract, both by conventional suturing methods and by stapling methods.


A small set of seven Bougies is available from 9 mm to 15 mm, and a large set of six is available from 18 mm to 32 mm.


Femoral stems offer stability

The AcuMatch L-Series stems and endoprostheses from Exactech, Inc. provide several treatment options for orthopedic surgeons, including cemented and press-fit stems.


The AcuMatch L-Series cemented and press-fit stems are implanted using the same core set of instruments. An integrated broach system is designed to accurately prepare the femoral canal for optimal stem stability.

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The cemented stems feature distal cement centralizers to properly center the stem in the femoral canal, ensuring a uniform cement mantle around the prosthesis. The press-fit stems feature a corundum titanium surface to optimize bone growth and long-term stem stability.


Cranial perforator cuts quicker, smoother

The latest development from ACRA-CUT Inc., is the ACRA-CUT Smart Drill. The Smart Drill performs safely and reliably on all skull thicknesses (as thin as 1.5 mm). Its new geometry has a 14 mm outer drill and smaller diameter 9 mm inner drill, which creates a stronger shelf and a thicker bone pad to protect against nicking or cutting dura in uneven bone areas.


The drill features ACRA-CUT's patented cammed-lug release mechanism, which eliminates the risk of dangerous penetration. In addition, the drill's sharp edges cut quickly and smoothly, requiring less hand pressure.

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Gown helps prevent hypothermia

Arizant Healthcare offers the Bair Paws warming gown, a patient-adjustable warming system that provides forced-air warming when a patient feels cold. The gown can be connected to a Bair Paws 800 series warming unit to provide comfort warming and prewarming in preop and postop settings, allowing the patient to adjust the temperature setting to a personalized comfort level.


During a surgical procedure, the gown can be connected to a Bair Hugger 500 or 700 series temperature management unit to provide clinical warming to treat and prevent hypothermia.

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