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  1. Gallo, Susan
  2. DuRand, Jacqueline
  3. Pshon, Nicole


PURPOSE: The purpose of the study was to compare urinary retention rates following orthopaedic surgery in patients who received low-dose intravenous naloxone while receiving morphine patient-controlled analgesia with patients who did not receive naloxone.


DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial without blinding.


SAMPLE: There were 97 participants consenting to the study, 45 were randomly assigned to a control group and 52 assigned to an experimental group. Forty-three patients in the control group and 47 in the experimental group (90 total) completed the study protocol.


FINDINGS: Postoperative urinary residuals were lower, patients voided more frequently, and fewer catheterizations were needed when given low-dose naloxone while receiving morphine patient-controlled analgesia. At the same time, naloxone in small doses was found to have negligible effect on overall patient pain control.