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Digital printing

Health Care Logistics (HCL) is the first company in the United States with performance capabilities made possible by using the XD 400 Series digital printer from Pad Print Machinery of Vermont. With the XD 400, HCL can create incredibly detailed logos, images, and labels on virtually all flat and semi-flat surfaces. Customers commonly request ampule cases, cable detanglers, pill crushers, and specialty gift and recognition items such as golf balls and awards-all printed in a fraction of the time of ordinary pad printers. Now customers can request a single logo, label, or name on a series of products in one cycle or they can request different personalization specifics for each product in the batch. There is virtually zero downtime between jobs, meaning better service for the customer. Orders are received, processed, and shipped with ease, precision, and efficiency. Customers now have more options, including the ability to submit artwork through a variety of graphic formats, which greatly increases the ease and turnaround time for each job. HCL can quickly and easily edit, save, and retrieve print jobs for current and future use using the cutting-edge XD 400 software versus the traditional method of designing and creating a new plate for nearly every pad printing job. HCL passes this cost and time savings on to the customer in the form of quality products processed quickly at an affordable price point.


For more information, contact Health Care Logistics at 1-800-848-1633 or visit

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Safety syringe flu trays

Inviro Medical Devices announces the availability of InviroSNAP!! Safety Syringe Flu Trays, designed specifically for institutions and companies that administer flu shots in bulk. InviroSNAP!! Safety Syringe Flu Trays contain 25 3-mL 1-inch safety syringes and are available in case quantities with 40 trays in a case. InviroSNAP!! Safety Syringe Flu Trays offer the following benefits to healthcare providers: enables easy administration of flu shots, with trays designed for convenient access; reduces packaging waste by including 25 sterile syringes in a sealed tray instead of 25 individually packaged, unopened syringes; reduces administration time and is designed to save both clinicians and patients valuable time; and reduces risk of needlestick injuries by including cost-effective safety syringes that bridge the gap between bulky retro-fitted designs and more expensive automatic retractables.


For more information, contact Inviro Medical Devices at 678-405-4027 or visit

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Nurse call system

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. announces wiring changes to the Provider 620 tone-visual nurse call system. Provider 620 now supports CAT-5 wiring to interconnect all 620 stations. This innovation is an improvement over the existing spliced T-tap connection method because all wiring and connections are uniform, which reduces learning time and installation costs. Also, connectorized CAT-5 cables using the T-568 wiring standard allow the use of inexpensive hand-held cable testers to speed verification of field wiring cables prior to installation. This advancement reduces the amount of wiring and connections by one-third while system capacities and wiring distances remain unchanged. In addition to the upgrade to CAT-5 wiring, single and dual patient stations will now be equipped with a cordout bypass feature, eliminating the need for dummy plugs. Provider 620 is an advanced tone-visual, emergency call and check-in system designed to meet the growing communication needs of today's healthcare facilities. The system is microprocessor controlled and features a programmable full-English text display at the console. LEDs display all signals simultaneously with separate flashes for four levels of calls: Routine, Urgent, Emergency, and Code. The system may be programmed to provide supplementary supervision of door contacts on selected doors, security systems, and smoke detectors.


For more information, contact Jeron Electronic Systems Inc. at 773-275-1900 or visit

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Antimicrobial-protected sling

Medcare Products introduces Antimicrobial Care Slings and Care Belts. Floor Lifts, Sit-to-Stands, and Ceiling Lifts utilize slings to lift and transfer patients and residents (to and from a bed, wheelchair, or commode). Toileting, incontinence, wound care, and simply everyday use make slings and belts very susceptible to microbe growth. It is also common practice for slings and belts to be used multiple times on multiple people during the day before they are washed. Microban protection provides continuous antimicrobial cleaning that inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. Built in during the manufacturing process, Microban antimicrobial protection will not wash or wear off, providing protection for the useful lifetime of the product and keeping the slings and belts cleaner between cleanings.


For more information, contact Medcare at 800-695-4479 or visit

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Lotion bottles

EPS announces the latest addition to its growing line of liquid packaging containers-six sizes of new lotion bottles. The bottles are available from 2 oz. (60 mL) to 32 oz. (960 mL). The bottle's special flip-up Spout-Seal top directs the flow of fluid directly where you need it. Manufactured from a low-density polyethylene, EPS Lotion Bottles are ideal for body lotions, alcohol, surgical soaps, and mouthwashes.


For more information, contact EPS at 800-523-8966 or visit


Point-of-care blood glucose monitoring system

Nova Biomedical's Nova StatStrip point-of-care glucose monitor incorporates new four-well glucose measuring strip technology. Current glucose strips use only one well. Nova's Multi-Well system measures and corrects hematocrit interference as well as interferences from acetaminophen, uric acid, ascorbic acid, maltose, galactose, xylose, and lactose. StatStrip also eliminates oxygen interference to provide accurate glucose results regardless of the sample's oxygen status. In addition, these strips require no calibration coding, avoiding another potential source of error. These analytical improvements are particularly important to hospitals that are following the tight glycemic control protocols for patients with diabetes. Interferences generated by current technology strips result in higher than actual glucose readings, leading to the potential of overdosing insulin and creating hypoglycemia. StatStrip's 6-second analysis time, color touch screen operation, and simple operating steps make bedside glucose testing fast and easy for point of care staff. Its small, 1.2 microliter sample size results in easy sample acquisition and minimal pain for the patient.


For more information, please contact Nova Biomedical at 781-647-3700 or visit

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D-dimer test

Inverness Medical has revamped Clearview Simplify D-dimer so it can now be used with capillary blood from a finger-prick sample, in addition to whole blood or plasma. The simple, two-step, 10 minute test includes a built-in procedural control and is ideal for use in the emergency department. Diagnostic imaging procedures required to give definitive diagnosis of DVT or PE take significant time and resources. Clearview Simplify D-dimer, in conjunction with a validated pre-test probability (PTP) score, such as the Wells Algorithm, can be used to safely rule out DVT or PE in low-risk patients. Further, Clearview D-dimer uses monoclonal antibody 3B6-the gold standard for D-dimer assays.


For more information, contact Inverness Medical at 609-627-8000 or visit

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