1. Nobriga-Bonica, Sherri BSN, RN

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In hospitals and free standing endoscopy centers alike, capsule endoscopy is a useful tool in making a difference in patient outcomes. As a non-invasive endoscopic procedure, capsule endoscopy has become essential in the assessment of small bowel and esophageal disorders. The effectiveness of capsule endoscopy in the evaluation of GERD, Crohn disease, and anemia of unknown etiology will be demonstrated utilizing slides, video clips, and case studies. The nurses' role in patient preparation, equipment application, and capsule administration will be reviewed in detail ensuring educational opportunity for those both with and without capsule endoscopy experience. Coverage of contraindications, complications and alternatives such as the Patency Capsule, and endoscopic placement of the capsule will also be discussed. The involvement and expertise of the nurse does make a positive difference in allowing for a look inside capsule endoscopy and its future in the management of patient care.


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We are pleased to present the abstracts from SGNA's 35th Annual Course, SGNA & You-The Power to Make a Difference. The diversity of these topics certainly reflects the richness and breadth of our specialty. In keeping with the tradition of the Annual Course, we hope the following abstracts will encourage discussions for improving nursing practice and patient care outcomes.