active living, environmental policy, healthy community design, physical activity



  1. Hollander, Marla MPH, CHES
  2. Martin, Sarah Levin PhD
  3. Vehige, Tammy MEd, CHES


Background: Recent studies detailing how the built environment affects health have found that land use and community design may have an impact on reducing sedentary lifestyles and increasing physical activity.


Method: However, there is little information available about the attitudes of local officials and professional staff who often are directly responsible for making decisions about land use and community design.


Results: This opportunistic study reports findings across five major surveys that investigated healthy community design knowledge, attitudes, and practice among local officials and professional staff. When possible, comparisons and contrasts of survey responses and policy implications are discussed.


Conclusions: The sharing of these data across professions is an important step toward enhancing collaboration in the fields and in better understanding the needs of local leaders related to active living and healthy community design.