1. Neitzel, Jennifer MS, RN, APRN, BC

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G. Deutchman and M. Lamantia. New York, NY: The Scoliosis Care Foundation, 2007. $35. ISBN 978-0-6151-4859-5. 24 pp.


The Scoliosis Desk Reference is a helpful tool for both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals who may be involved in scoliosis screening with adolescents or who are in the position of educating adolescents about scoliosis conditions.


This manual is intended to supplement materials given to healthcare and non-healthcare professionals who are taking the Scoliosis Care Foundation certification course. Furthermore, the information provides basic detail about scoliosis diagnoses, proper screening methods, and treatment options.


Content is communicated clearly and concisely. The manual is divided into 11 chapters that assist the reader to quickly differentiate normal from abnormal spine, gain understanding about scoliosis screening procedures, and acquire information about potential treatment options. Helpful illustrations are provided throughout the manual to illustrate terms described in the text.


Information provided in this booklet would be useful to clinicians working with adolescents or patients with basic questions about scoliosis. Although the content is not new, this information could be used to help educate nurses unfamiliar with scoliosis care. Lastly, contact information is provided if individuals are interested in pursuing scoliosis screening certification.