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  1. Boyle, Andrea DNSc, RN
  2. Davis, Harvey PhD, RN
  3. Pritchard, Hilary K. MA
  4. McBride, Marilyn MA
  5. Orsi, Allen PhD, RN
  6. Scott, Stephani BA
  7. Kresge, Linda MPA, RN


The nursing shortage affects communities at many levels, from community hospitals to schools of nursing. The authors describe an innovative 4-way partnership involving a community healthcare district, a community hospital, a community college, and a state university. Working together, these partners established a new baccalaureate nursing program based at a community college and also functioning as a satellite of an existing university-based program, which increased the enrollment of baccalaureate nursing students by 50%. Their work could serve as a model for other collaborative efforts to expand nursing education and reduce the shortage of nurses.