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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has awarded grants to 17 organizations in response to a call for proposals issued in 2007, Advancing Measurement of Equity and Patient-Centered Care to Improve Health Care Quality. Through this solicitation, RWJF invited proposals to improve our understanding of how to measure equity and patient-centered care and the role of both in promoting quality. To be considered, projects had to demonstrate the potential to produce high-quality, scientifically sound research that could be used to inform our regional quality strategy.


Here is a list of the final award recipients for this solicitation:


* Experience of care and patient-physician value in Hispanic, African American, and white populations-University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine


* Patient decision making and personalized, multifactorial risk information-University of Massachusetts Medical School


* Improving diabetes care with patient decision aids: A randomized controlled trial in community-based primary care-University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine


* Hospital quality data: Understanding decision making in vulnerable populations-New York University School of Medicine


* Shared decision-making when an interpreter is needed: A case study with Latino men at risk for prostate cancer-San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health


* Care experience survey instruments-Dartmouth Medical School


* Effects of perceived cultural responsiveness and technical quality of care on perceived overall quality of care-Human Services Research Institute


* An innovative design strategy for studying shared decision making in diverse orthopedic patient populations-Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice


* Influence of health attitudes and health status on ethnic/racial disparities in consumer assessments of healthcare-University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Public Health


* Development and use of scenarios to investigate difference in responses to LAHPSitems by Hispanic ethnicity and language-American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences


* Exploring consumer understanding and use of electronic hospital quality information-Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations


* Patient eHealth tools to guide treatment choices and assess outcome-University of Massachusetts Medical School


* Development and testing of a framework for reporting quality data to consumers-University of Oregon Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management


* Assessing cultural perspectives on the quality of care-Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.


* Cultural variability in patient responding to survey measure-University of Illinois at Chicago College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs


* Understanding racial/ethnic differences in CAHPSratings: The role of perceptions, reporting and attributions-General Hospital Corporation


* Consumer assessment of healthcare providers' and systems' validation and cultural adaptation in the Native American population with diabetes mellitus-University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Public Health



This solicitation supported RWJF's commitment to ensuring that all Americans receive quality healthcare. Specifically, we aim to help communities across the country set and achieve ambitious goals to improve the quality of healthcare in ways that matter to patients and families, including patients from racial and ethnic backgrounds who often experience lower quality care. For more information, visit the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Web site at


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