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force monitoring, obstetric emergency, shoulder dystocia, simulation, team, training



  1. Fahey, Jenifer O. MSN, MPH, CNM
  2. Mighty, Hugh E. MD


Shoulder dystocia is an obstetric emergency that requires immediate recognition and a well-coordinated response. This response must include effective application of the maneuvers proven to relieve the impaction of the fetal shoulder and timely hand-off of the newborn to the neonatology team. The rare frequency of shoulder dystocia, coupled with patient safety concerns and the medico-legal environment, limits the opportunity of providers to learn and practice the management of shoulder dystocia. Training, especially simulation-based training, has been demonstrated to improve the management of shoulder dystocia. This article presents a review of the literature that supports simulation training for shoulder dystocia and provides guidance on creating and implementing shoulder dystocia training.