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evaluation, Parkinson's disease, self-management



  1. Gruber, Rebecca A. MSc, BPT
  2. Elman, Jan Goldstein BScPT, MHSc
  3. Huijbregts, Maria P. J. BScPT, PhD


Self-management programs for people with chronic illnesses have been shown to help participants develop the skills to live well with their condition(s) but have not been widely studied and adopted in Parkinson's disease. The needs of people with Parkinson's disease include information and support, as well as skill building in exercise and illness management. The Parkinson's early management and safe mobility and falls prevention programs were developed to meet the needs of people in different stages of disease progression. Evaluation objectives and methodologies in both programs are discussed. The significant physical and psychosocial benefits to participants in the early management program are described.