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[black small square] Blue Bell Bio-Medical announces the launch of its new Web site, and introduces the Design-A-Cart online custom configurator.


Blue Bell's Web site,, includes product information on Blue Bell carts and accessories for the medical industry. The new Web site coincides with the release of a complete line of preconfigured workstations, new accessories, and four new paint colors (kiwi, citrus, garnet, and rose). These specially equipped packages in-clude the cart specifications and accessories most commonly ordered by physicians, nurses, and technicians.

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The exclusive Design-A-Cart feature puts design capabilities in the hands of the users. Users can design their workstation at any time, including size, color, options, and all accessories. A 3D-image is built in real time as selections are made. Users can save their designs to a personal online folder for later referral or to request a quotation.


Resealable bags protect, transfer meds

[black small square] EPS Inc., is pleased to announce their growing line of resealable and Nultraviolet UV inhibitant bags. The company now stocks a full array of imprinted bags in a variety of sizes for the protection and transfer of medication. Sizes range from 2" x 2" to 13" x 15".


The bags are available in clear with white writing blocks or with a variety of color imprints. Freeze, IV, STAT, Refriger-ate, Return to Pharmacy, and PRN are just a few of the many printed bags offered. EPS also stocks re-sealable narcotic return envelopes as well as chemo-therapy, biohazard, and laboratory specimen bags. All of these bags complement the assortment of Nultra-violet UV inhabitant bags, stocked from 21/2" x 81/2" to 11" x 18". All bags are ready for immediate shipment.

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Dual surgeon cooling system

[black small square] The new Dual Surgeon Cooling System from Shafer Enterprises can cool from 1 to 4 persons at one time in the OR. The large, 26-liter capacity enables continuous cooling for long cases, and the dual temperature controls offer more flexibility and comfort. The system also includes a heavy duty wheeled cart with handle for convenient portability.


System combines power with ease of use

[black small square] The QuantaVac Harmony II Smoke Evacuation System from Quanta Technologies, LLC, features the Enviro-Quiet design with superior suction power. Turbo technology dramatically increases suction with the touch of a button whenever necessary. Quanta-Vac is easy to operate and filter replacement is effortless. Smart-Life filters maximize filter operating time while ensuring user protection. Smart-Life filters are manufactured with a VLSI Grade ULPA media rated at 0.12 microns with 99.9995% efficiency-100 times the efficiency of a HEPA filter. Filters last for 8 or 12 hours of continuous use according to the model. Front panel LEDs display suction power, remaining filter life, footswitch use, service reminders, and on/ off status. In addition, the QuantaVac System is exceptionally quiet, even at maximum power.