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American Professional Wound Care Association

*Open enrollment update. The American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA) has announced that open enrollment for physicians to become Fellows will be closing between June 6, 2008, and December 31, 2008. Currently, physicians, including podiatrists, who are board certified in their field of medicine (eg, ABS, ABPS, ABPOPPM, ABEM, ABIM, ABS, etc) can join as Fellows of the APWCA. Licensed physicians (MD, DO, DPM) not currently board certified in their field can join under the current policy as an Associate and then automatically become a Fellow if and when they pass their medical field specific board certification examination. They will have 5 years from the termination date of open enrollment to achieve this. These pathways are going to close by or before December 31, 2008, after which time physicians will be required to sit for a physician certification examination to become APWCA Fellows. A new physician-specific wound care certification has been introduced to all prescribing physicians and will be the vehicle to attain Fellow status in the APWCA, after open enrollment closes.


The first open certification examination for physicians will be offered on Friday, June 6, 2008, at the Third Congress of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Physician Wound Care Certification launches a new era for certification in wound care; it is endorsed by the APWCA and recognized by the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine as the physician wound care certification.


"This new examination will change the dynamics of this field and advances wound care to a new level. It brings us one step closer to the goal of specialty recognition. The next challenge will be the initiation of residencies and fellowships, which are commensurate with the evolution of knowledge and practice. This examination will be available to all prescribing physicians (MD, DO, DPM)," stated Robert Bartlett, MD, FAPWCA, President of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine and Physician Certification Examination chairperson.


For examination registration and additional information, visit the APWCA Web site at: or call 215-364-4100.

Dr Steven R. Kravitz... - Click to enlarge in new windowDr Steven R. Kravitz, DPM, FAPWCA, FACFAS, conference program chair, presents Andrew Boulton, MD, with the APWCA's first Outstanding Achievement Award.

*APWCA2008. Approximately 550 attendees participated in the APWCA2008 annual conference in Fort Worth, TX. The Texas venue for this year's event resulted in a significant increase in Midwest membership, reported Steven R. Kravitz, DPM, FAPWCA, FACFAS, executive director of the APWCA. All sessions were well attended.


"The dinner symposium was presented through a grant by Vasamed and was very interesting. It opens a new era of peripheral arterial assessment that directly correlates with oxygenation of the peripheral tissues," said Dr Kravitz. Andrew Boulton, MD, delivered the keynote address and received the APWCA's first Outstanding Achievement Award. Dr Boulton received the award in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the pursuit of research and scientific publication related to diabetic foot disorders. His efforts have brought worldwide attention to the problems associated with this condition. Dr Boulton is a world opinion leader who continues to educate the global medical community to the benefit of the millions of individuals living with this condition. He also accepted the APWCA's first honorary membership.


Arthur Singer received the Association's first Industry Liaison Award. Mr Singer, Division Vice President, East, with Medline Industries, Inc, Advanced Skin and Wound Care, received this award in recognition of his dedication to the pursuit of education and advancing the field of wound care. His insight and ability facilitate interaction between the industry and the profession for the advancement of educational goals and objectives. His vision of a meaningful communication tool is evidenced in the development and complete support of the APWCA's newsletter, Synergy, which is the voice of the APWCA.

Dr Darlene McCord, M... - Click to enlarge in new windowDr Darlene McCord, McCord Research, is joined at her organization's exhibit booth with University of Iowa researchers: (from left) Drs Prabhat Goswami, Ehab Sarsour, and Joshua Madsen.

The annual scientific address was delivered by PhD researchers from the University of Iowa, all of whom are Fellows of the APWCA. The program was organized by Darlene McCord, PhD, FAPWCA, and supported through the APWCA's first Emerald Level Grant provided by McCord Research. Drs McCord, Prabhat Goswami, Ehab Sarsour, and Joshua Madsen presented "The Role of Free Radicals in Wound Healing: Cell Cycle and Quiescent Cells." This grant also provided funding for the abstract poster presentations, as well as the first-, second-, and third-place awards.


More than 70 exhibitors provided useful information on products and services used daily in wound care. APWCA wishes to thank each of them for their participation and support and acknowledges the supporting industry whose grants allow APWCA to provide educational services that continue to grow. Next year's conference will return to Philadelphia, PA, April 1-5, 2009.


[black up pointing small triangle]Information:; telephone: 215-364-4100; or e-mail:


National Alliance of Wound Care

The National Alliance of Wound Care (NAWC), a multidisciplinary professional wound care certification organization offering the wound care certified (WCC) credential to nurses of all levels, therapists, and physicians and their assistants, has announced several initiatives for the coming year to continue its awareness campaign launched in 2007. According to the Executive Director, Debbie Hecker, RN, MBA, WCC, the NAWC will again present WCC Achievement Awards in the following categories:


* Outstanding Research in Wound Care


* Outstanding Community Outreach for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes-Related Wounds


* Outstanding WCC of the Year.



The NAWC Awards Committee will review the candidates and make its selections based on criteria the committee has established. Winners in each category will receive free tuition to the Wild on Wounds Conference, September 18-20, 2008, in Orlando, FL, as well as airfare (if applicable) and a maximum of 2 nights' accommodations at the conference hotel. Employers and coworkers are encouraged to nominate their most deserving WCCs.


NAWC is also seeking nominations for its second annual WCC Scholarship. Candidates, nominated by members, will be wound care professionals who aspire to further their education in wound care by earning the WCC credential and who meet the eligibility requirements as set forth by the NAWC. "We are pleased to announce that this year's scholarship is being funded by a grant from Huntleigh Healthcare, who continues to recognize the importance of wound care education and certification worldwide," said Ms Hecker.


NAWC members will see a number of changes in the NAWC Web site in the coming months. Improvements include updated navigation tools, an increased number of sections that will assist members in enhancing the quality of care they deliver, mentoring forums, and job boards.


In an effort to increase the number of those able to take advantage of member benefits, the NAWC will offer an incentive from April 1, 2008, to September 30, 2008, to all members of the organization. By recommending 2 colleagues who complete the registration process, the referring member will receive a complimentary 2009 membership. The NAWC offers 3 types of membership: WCC, general, and corporate. For more information on member benefits, NAWC activities, or how to become certified, please contact Ms Hecker at 877-922-6292, or visit the NAWC Web site at