1. Anueyiagu, Chika Onyekaonwu RN

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I was not surprised to learn that the nap group, which slept for nearly 25 minutes, "had fewer lapses in performance, felt more vigor, and reported less fatigue and sleepiness" than the no-nap group. I currently work 12-hour night shifts at two different hospitals. One hospital allows naps during break time, but the other doesn't. When I work at the first hospital, I'm generally more alert at the end of my shift and can drive home without feeling so drowsy. When I work at the second hospital, I find it very difficult to stay awake during the hand-off report and while driving home. So difficult, in fact, that I've had three car accidents while on my way home from this hospital!!


Chika Onyekaonwu Anueyiagu, RN


West Babylon, NY