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  1. Kiekkas, By Panagiotis PhD, RN
  2. Brokalaki, Hero PhD, RN
  3. Theodorakopoulou, Georgia PhD, RN
  4. Baltopoulos, George I. MD, PhD


Nurses use a variety of methods to cool critically ill patients, even though there are no guidelines for the treatment of temperature elevation in this population. In order to determine whether physical methods of antipyresis, such as the application of cooling blankets, are appropriate for use in the ICU, and if so which methods are best, the authors conducted a literature review. Their findings raise concerns about whether external cooling methods should be used at all in the absence of hyperthermia or cerebral damage. In addition, the authors give an overview of the causes and effects of temperature elevation, focusing mostly on fever.


A literature review examines external cooling methods for use in the ICU. The findings raise some doubts.