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Oral dispensers

EPS, Inc. has made available four sizes of new EPS Oral Dispensers. The dispensers are available in 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-mL sizes in either clear or ultraviolet-inhibiting amber. The dispensers contain an innovative one-piece plunger construction that eliminates rubber grommets and silicone coating, and facilitates an easy sliding of the plunger through the barrel. The dispensers are completely latex-free and contain graduations in both milliliters and fractionated teaspoon measurements. They also feature a unique tip design that facilities easier oral and topical dispensing applications. The tip design prohibits acceptance of hypodermic needles, and the low-capacity tip reservoir reduces residual content and ensures maximum delivery of medication.


EPS Oral Dispensers can be capped with either Standard Tip Caps or our "Wagon Wheel" stand design. All EPS Oral Dispensers can be labeled with our EPS LiquiDose Butterfly and Mini LiquiDose labels, and with bar codes using our MILT 3.0 software.

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For more information, contact EPS, Inc. at 1-800-523-8966 or visit


Shelving solutions

[black small square] Maximize unused space and create organized storage around your automated dispensing machines with Health Care Logistics' cabinets and shelving solutions. These custom cabinets offer an affordable way to eliminate unsightly clutter, create significantly more storage for supplies, and increase productivity. Utilize unused floor and wall space with any combination of cabinet and shelving pieces, and create organized, attractive storage that can be both secured and nonsecured.


Complement your existing decor with any of our five stock cabinet and countertop colors or choose from our custom color palette. Unlike ordinary assembly-line furnishings, these ready-to-assemble products can be put together in minutes using our connect-and-toggle system. No tools are required. Control keys for cabinets inside the automated dispensing cabinet drawer also provide an audit trail of who entered the drawer to pull keys to unlock cabinets.


Provide Health Care Logistics with your target space dimensions, and our design team will create a free three-dimensional design showing how you can maximize storage and enhance inventory control. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of affordable, organized, and accessible storage in 5 working days or less.


For more information, contact Health Care Logistics at 1-800-848-1633 or visit


Dome light

[black small square] Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. announces the release of the Prism Dome Light, designed to reduce staff response times by displaying patient call status in an efficient and instantaneous manner. The coded lights are illuminated in facility corridors, allowing staff to respond without delay. Over 40 combinations of software-controlled color and light patterns can be programmed to represent call priority, room, and bed location. During the most hectic of times, a caregiver need only look down the corridor to effectively prioritize patients. Additionally, as new calls are placed, the highly visible light patterns and colors automatically transform to reflect the current call priority.


Installation of the system is uncomplicated. The graphic software is easily installed and the Prism Dome Lights connect via plug-in jacks, eliminating the need for an extra power cable. The straightforward color-coding allows staff to adopt the system seamlessly and begin increasing productivity immediately.

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For more information, contact Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. at 773-275-1900 or visit


Blood glucose meter

[black small square] Nova Biomedical has unveiled a new hospital blood glucose meter for testing situations where glucose meter interface capability is not needed. The introduction of StatStrip Xpress provides hospitals a choice of glucose monitors with or without a connectivity solution using the same Multi-Well test strip.


Like the StatStrip Glucose Hospital Meter, StatStrip Xpress elevates bedside glucose testing to a new level of analytical performance. It incorporates a new strip technology that uses four measuring wells. Nova's Multi-Well system measures and corrects hematocrit interference, as well as interferences from acetaminophen (Tylenol), uric acid, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). StatStrip Xpress also eliminates oxygen, maltose, galactose, and xylose interferences. Freedom from interferences, coupled with excellent correlation to central laboratory reference methods, provides improved accuracy compared to conventional meters and strips.

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StatStrip Xpress' 6-second analysis time, 1.2 microliter sample size, and simple operating steps make bedside glucose testing fast and easy. Unlike competitive glucose analyzers, StatStrip Xpress requires no calibration codes. This eliminates a potential error source, reduces the number of steps required for testing, and allows StatStrip Xpress manufacturing lots to be used interchangeably.


For more information, contact Nova Biomedical at 781-647-3700 or visit