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Computers, Education, Evidence-based practice, Nursing





Evidenced-based practice is no longer a "frill" but a necessity, demanded by an evolving healthcare system and the needs of practice, professional nursing bodies, and American consumers who want safe, quality care. Although its importance has been touted by the profession, incorporating evidence into practice is not a skill for which nurses at point of care are ready. Preparation for evidence-based practice must begin in basic educational programs. Yet, the process of using evidence to guide practice is complex especially for undergraduate students who are only beginning to ask questions let alone answer them. Nursing schools have responded to the professional call to evidence-based practice with the use of a variety of teaching approaches. This article presents a unique approach, not previously described, involving the use of laptops in an undergraduate nursing research course to equip students for evidence-based practice, giving students hands-on experience with the process and introducing students to online resources. Student feedback and educator reflections highlight the value of the technology in expediting student learning and comfort with evidence-based practice.