1. Ibitayo, Kristina

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Her face,


I reached


To caress


One cheek,


As if to un-crease


Time's wrinkle,


Burden's frown.



So sad,


Her green eyes


Open wide,




Through sorrow's glint.



Her tears,


They drip




Encapsulated sorrows


In multiples,


Compressed drops


Of pure soul.



So sad,


Her eyebrows






As she cries,


Why, Why?



Her tears,


They stream


Down her face,


Rivulets in


Careworn furrows.



Her face,


The mill


Of life,


Where self-confidence


Ebbs, etched


In eddies


Of regret.



I stroke


Her cheek,


Pat her back,


And murmur


In reply,


I do not know,


But you are


Not a nothing.



So saying,


I soothe,


Tell yourself


A new story,


God's story.



Tell your mind


The truth


Of nobility,


You are


Not a nobody,


You are a princess


In God's kingdom.



God knows


Your story,


You are


A somebody,


Loved by him.


You are you,


And you


Are his.



I whisper


In her ear,


And kiss


Her damp cheek




Tell yourself


A new story,


God's story.