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An estimated 10 million people in the United States are living with osteoporosis, also called brittle bone disease. Although osteoporosis is responsible for the majority of hip fractures and accounts for more than $18 billion in healthcare expenditures annually, on the average, only 20% of patients are ever screened or treated for the disease. The Joint Commission recognizes the urgent need for improvement in the care of osteoporosis patients and now has available a monograph containing 10 voluntary measures of care designed for a variety of healthcare settings and issued jointly with the National Pharmaceutical Council. The monograph entitled Improving and Measuring Osteoporosis Management, intended for a professional audience, contains clinical information and practical tips for implementing an osteoporosis improvement initiative, whether clinical care is given in a hospital, emergency department, rehabilitation facility, home health agency, or doctor's office. To request a complimentary copy of the monograph or to download a PDF version of the document, go to and follow the relevant links. You also may obtain a copy at the National Pharmaceutical Council Web site

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