1. Low, Murray EdD, FAACVPR
  2. Gavic, Anne M. MPA, FAACVPR

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Join Us in Indianapolis-The "Crossroads of America" Whether you are new to cardiac and pulmonary rehab or a seasoned "veteran," this meeting has something for you!!

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Innovative Education

Our 4 popular "tracks" will be back!! Focus your learning in one track or "mix and match"-it's totally up to you.


[white square] Clinical Cardiology/Cardiac Rehabilitation Track


[white square] Pulmonary Medicine/Pulmonary Rehabilitation Track


[white square] Leadership and Innovation Track


[white square] Nutrition and Behavior Change Track



Cutting-Edge Premeeting Workshops

Enhance your meeting experience by taking advantage of one of the excellent premeeting workshops on Thursday morning. This year, all premeeting workshop attendees will begin the workshop together for an introduction presentation titled, The Future is Now: Strategies to Transform Your Rehabilitation Program. From there, attendees will choose between two breakout sessions titled Preventing Diabetes and Reducing Obesity: Transforming Your Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and Cardiac Rehab Across the Healthcare Continuum: From Primary Prevention to Current Disease Management.


Special Networking Events

The Annual Meeting is the perfect place to gather with old friends and make new contacts who share your professional interests and commitment. You will have a number of opportunities to socialize and interact with colleagues and peers, from the Exhibit Hall to the Celebration Banquet to the Affiliate Networking Meeting.


Exhibit Showcase

Each year, more vendors participate in our Exhibit Showcase, recognizing the influence and buying power of AACVPR members. This is the perfect place to see and compare the latest products and services for cardiac and rehabilitation professionals.


Enjoy Indy-The Nation's 13th Largest City

Indianapolis is the perfect balance of cosmopolitan style and small-town charm. Not only is it served by 11 airlines, but one-half of the nation's population lives within a day's drive!! Whether you plan to fly or drive, you will find a lot to see and do in Indy, including the attraction-filled White River State Park nestled in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Central Indiana is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors-it's easy to participate in almost any kind of activity, from hiking to boating to bike riding and climbing. There are also many museums, six distinct "cultural districts," and a great variety of dining and nightlife options.


Register Today-Online, by Mail, or by Fax

It's easy to register. Just use the registration form in the advance program for fax and mail registrations, or go to the AACVPR Web site at to register online. If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact AACVPR headquarters at 312/312-5146 or send an e-mail to


See You in Indy for our Best Meeting Ever!!


Join us in Indianapolis!!


Murray Low, EdD, FAACVPR


Anne M. Gavic, MPA, FAACVPR


2008 AACVPR President-Elect and Program Co-Chair (Low)


Chair, Program Planning Committee and Program Co-Chair (Gavic)