1. Long, Regina RN, CRNP

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As a military nurse and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, I applaud Mason's Editorial. When I returned from Afghanistan in 2002 after helping to establish the American hospital in Bagram, I felt like a stranger in my own country. It was the holidays, and I watched people in the malls going about their routines while others, worlds away, were searching for their next drink of clean water.


During my last four years in the military, I worked as a case manager for returning soldiers who were either wounded or had other medical problems. By my estimate, more than 50% suffered some form of PTSD.


I hope Americans, whether or not they agree with the politics of the war, realize what a sacrifice our soldiers have made. We should also remember the nurses who have been killed while unselfishly serving all of us.


Regina Long, RN, CRNP


Pittsburgh, PA


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