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During the first week of June in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, anyone walking down the city's Front Street knew an important convention was in town. Red, white, and blue flags emblazoned with the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) logo lined the path to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. At the Third Congress of the WUWHS, clinicians from all over the world came together to learn more about the most current clinical techniques, research findings, products, and devices available in wound care. The Congress drew more than 3500 attendees, including exhibitors and faculty. One might call the international event the "Olympics of Wound Care," as the conference is held every 4 years in a different global location. Canada and the United States comprised the largest segment of attendees for this Congress, with a total of 71 countries represented, including Japan, Australia, South Africa, Iraq, Iran, and European nations. Objectives of the Third Congress included reviewing levels of wound care evidence, presenting information in a user-friendly format, and providing networking opportunities for all participants. Designated as "a lasting legacy of the world union," a new Web site,, has been launched as a content management system for the evidence base presented. Watch for more information about the WUWHS conference in an upcoming issue of Advances in Skin & Wound Care.


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