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  1. Meir, Zehava Ben BA, RN
  2. Garber, Anna MA, RN
  3. Rassin, Michal PhD, RN
  4. Silner, Dina MA, RN


This article presents a case study of a patient who was treated for 5 years from the time of diagnosis until his death. The patient was diagnosed with familial polyposis at the age of 35 due to a family history of the same. He suffered from low body image and showed a poor response to treatment, especially regarding nutrition. The period of time related to the presentation of symptoms and the patient's subsequent deterioration was characterized by attempts on the part of nursing staff to improve the patient's quality of life. Treatment of multiple fistulae was employed, while keeping the skin intact, along with the creative development of a unique bandaging method. This article describes the course of the patient's disease and specifies his problems and their solutions. It is hoped that presentation of this case will benefit caregiving staff in dealing with similar cases.