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Movers and Shakers

Institute of Food Technologists Elects New Leaders

Congratulations to the new 2008-2009 officers of the Institute of Food Technologists! The new slate includes the president, Marianne Gillette of McCormick and Co Inc, and new members of the board of directors: Barbara Blakistone (National Fisheries Institute), John Finley (professor and head of Food Science at Louisana State University), Russ Flowers (Silliker Group Corporation), and Julie Ruder (Bay Valley Foods). Congratulations!

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American Dietetic Association Announces Award Winners

In recognition of outstanding service and contributions to the dietetics profession, 19 individuals and 1 publication have been selected by the Honors Committee and the board of directors to receive top association awards and honors. These will be presented during the 2008 Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo in Chicago. Congratulations to the following recipients for their outstanding leadership achievements and contributions:


* Marjorie Hulsizer Copher Award: Judith L. Dodd, MS, RD, FADA, LDN


* 2008 Lenna Frances Cooper Lecture: Sylvia Escott-Stump, MA, RD, LDN


* Honorary Membership: Stephen A. McClave, MD; Russell R. Pate, PhD; William N. Reynolds


* Medallion Awards: Carolyn Breeding, MS, RD, LD, FADA; Pamela J. Charney, PhD, RD, CNSD; Kathleen F. Cobb, MS, RD, CD/N; Robert Earl, MPH, RD, LD; Karmeen Kulkarni, MS, RD, CD, CDE, BC-ADM; Clare H. Miller, MS, RD, LDN; Anne T. Raguso, PhD, RD; Susan L. Roberts JD, RD, LD.


* Media Excellence Award: Cooking Light magazine


* Excellence in Practice Awards:


* Clinical Nutrition: Ainsley M. Malone, MS, RD, LD, CNSD


* Community Dietetics: Joanne M. Gallivan, MS, RD


* Consultation and Business Practice: Linda McDonald, MS, RD, LD


* Dietetic Education: Gail C. Frank, DrPH, RD, CHES


* Dietetic Research: Kelly A. Tappenden, PhD, RD


* Management Practice: Roy S. Maize II, PhD, RD, FADA



Obesity Expert Takes Helm as President of American Society for Nutrition

James O. Hill, PhD, an expert in obesity and weight loss, is the new president of the American Society for Nutrition. Dr Hill serves as professor of pediatrics and medicine and director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Denver. Dr Hill will concentrate his year-long term on raising the profile of the society and emphasizing the importance of nutrition research to daily life. He served as chair of the first World Health Organization Consultation on Obesity in 1997. Hill also served as a member of the Expert Panel on Obesity of the National Institutes of Health that developed the first US guidelines for the treatment and prevention of obesity. Congratulations, Jim!

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Collins to Step Down as Director of National Human Genome Research Institute

Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD, the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health, has retired to explore writing projects and other professional opportunities. Dr Collins, 58 years old, a physician-geneticist, has served as NHGRI's director since April 1993. He led the Human Genome Project to its successful conclusion in 2003 and subsequently initiated and managed a wide range of projects that built upon the foundation laid by the sequencing of the human genome. Alan E. Guttmacher, MD, the current deputy director of NHGRI, will be appointed as acting director of NHGRI. Dr Guttmacher is a highly regarded pediatric geneticist who has played a significant leadership role at NHGRI over the past 6 years.

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News From the National Nutrient Database Conference

The National Nutrient Database conference, held in May 2008 in Ottawa, Canada, elected Rose Tobelmann of General Mills as the new chair of the group and Susie McNutt of Westat as chair-elect. Julie Gilmore of the University of Iowa is the new treasurer, and David Haytowitz of the US Department of Agriculture is chair of the nominating committee. Others on the steering committee include Marie Kuczmarski of University of Delaware, Rachel Fisher of National Institutes of Health, Carol Boushey of Purdue, and Laura Sampson of Harvard School of Public Health. The next National Nutrient Database meeting will be held at the Experimental Biology 2009 meeting.


Committee to Review National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program Meal Patterns and Nutrient Standards

The Institute of Medicine has undertaken a study to review and provide recommendations to revise the meal patterns and nutrition standards of the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. The recommendations are to reflect new developments in nutrition science, increase the availability of key food groups in the school meal programs, and allow these programs to better meet the nutritional needs of children, foster healthy eating habits, and safeguard children's health. The study will have 2 reports. The first report (phase 1) will be issued for comment and will outline the criteria and process for the needed decision making. The second report (phase 2) will specify the meal patterns and nutrient standards.


The chair of the committee is Nutrition Today editorial advisory board member Dr Virginia Stallings of the Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia, and the committee also includes another editorial advisory board member, Dr Suzanne Murphy of the Hawaii Cancer Center. Best of luck with the report! We look forward to hearing the outcomes!


In Memoriam

David Southgate, PhD

Nutrition Today mourns the loss of the distinguished British food composition researcher Dr David Southgate, who died in England this spring at age 75 years. Dr Southgate was involved in food composition studies in British government laboratories at Norwich England for many years. He also trained many international studies there and in very popular short courses on the topic.


Robert Nesheim, PhD

We note with sadness the death of Robert Nesheim, PhD, who for many years was active in food science and nutrition affairs of many professional societies. He served for more than 20 years furnishing vital leadership to Food and Nutrition Board activities at the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences. Of special note, he was chair of the Committee on Military Nutrition Research from 1982 to 1998. After he stepped down as chair, he continued to serve as a source of guidance and review to the program. Bob had established several fellowships in Animal Nutrition in the College of Agriculture at the University of Illinois, where he was an alumni and head of the Department of Animal Science from 1964 to 1966. He also served as vice president of the Quaker Company. His wife, Doris Howes Calloway, PhD, also a revered nutrition scientist, predeceased him. He is survived by a brother, Malden Nesheim, PhD, another pillar of the nutrition community and former provost of Cornell University.



International Conference Vitamins-Nutrition and Diagnostics

September 9-11, 2008


Tomas Bata Univeristy, Czech Republic


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25th International Congress of Dietetics

September 8-11, 2008


Yokohama, Japan


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American College of Nutrition's 49th Annual Meeting

October 2-5, 2008


Arlington, Virginia


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Controversies in Nutrition

October 23-26, 2008


Athens, Greece


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American Dietetic Association's Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo

October 25-28, 2008


Chicago, Illinois


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First European Food Congress

November 4-9, 2008


Ljubljana, Slovenia


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13th TEMA Meeting (Trace Elements for Man and Animals)

November 9-13, 2008


Pucon, Chile


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Mediterranean Diet 15th Anniversary Symposium

November 16-18, 2008


Cambridge, Massachusetts


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19th International Congress of Nutrition

October 4-9, 2009


Bangkok, Thailand


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