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aged, aged 80 and older, automobile driving, evaluation, rehabilitation, self-assessment



  1. Myers, Anita M. PhD
  2. Blanchard, Robin A. MSc
  3. MacDonald, Lisa MSc
  4. Porter, Michelle M. PhD


This is the first external process evaluation of the American Automobile Association (AAA)/Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Roadwise Review (RWR), a computerized self-assessment driving tool. A convenience sample of 34 Ontario drivers (16 men and 18 women, aged 66-92) took turns completing the RWR in pairs, and then took part in focus groups. Although impressions were generally favorable, researcher observations and participant feedback raised a number of concerns regarding mouse proficiency, task protocols, partner assistance, accuracy, and interpretation of results. Recommendations are provided to assist the AAA/CAA in modifying the RWR for both users and professionals in counseling drivers who may seek further assessment.