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childhood maltreatment, earned secure attachment, positive relationships, relational treatments, thriving, womens' studies



  1. Roman, Marian W. PhD, APRN-BC
  2. Hall, Joanne M. PhD, RN, FAAN
  3. Bolton, Kimberly S. PhD, WHCNP


Childhood maltreatment and its consequences are a public health issue. There continues to be a need for improving the lives and life prospects for survivors of child abuse. The important role that positive interactions can play was evident in a large study of women who considered themselves successful despite maltreatment. Interactions of import ranged from brief encounters with strangers to enduring relationships. Two distinct motifs emerged: The "Saw something in me" and "No matter what" relationships. Findings will be discussed within the context of extant theories with possible implications for researchers, practitioners, and careful, caring adults in any setting.