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mimesis, narrative, nursing, performance, photo instrument, psychiatry, Ricoeur, suffering



  1. Sitvast, J. E. MA
  2. Abma, T. A. PhD
  3. Widdershoven, G. A. M. PhD
  4. Lendemeijer, H. H. G. M. PhD


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how a particular narrative approach in nursing, namely the photo instrument can be connected with Ricoeur's hermeneutic philosophy. Ricoeur's concept of mimesis, when supplemented with the concept of performance, is shown relevant for understanding how patients construct and reformulate meaning in illness experiences. A single-case study is presented for a tentative exploration of how the key concepts of mimesis and performance can broaden our understanding of practice. More specifically it concerned the use of photographs in a group with psychiatric patients.