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The South is struggling to keep up with the demand for RNs.


Consider South Carolina. Although the number of its hospital nurses has grown between 3% and 7% each year since 1989, the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) says hospitals across the state are reporting vacancy rates from 8% to 26% in both nursing and allied health professions. The SCHA says that nursing programs there don't graduate enough nurses to meet the state's need. "Of the 2,000 new positions created each year, the state's hospitals fill only half with South Carolina-educated nurses."


In Mississippi, the state department of health's analysis of data from hospitals shows a vacancy rate of 9.3% for 2006 budgeted RN fulltime equivalents, up from 7.9% in 2005, and many different areas are in need of nurses.


News out of Georgia is similar. The June newsletter from the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) cited key findings of a GHA workforce report showing that the vacancy rate for RNs has risen and is now 10.7%. The greatest vacancy rates for RNs in Georgia are in critical care (31%) and medical-surgical and pediatric nursing (29%).


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