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Perinatal nurses, Litigation, Legal process



  1. McCaffrey, Mary P. MSN, RN-C
  2. Neumann, Darlene BSN, RN-C
  3. Furniss, Kathleen K. DMH, RN-C
  4. Lohman, Susan L. MA, RN
  5. Carpenito, Patricia M. RNC
  6. Johnson, Vicki L. RN


Perinatal nurses are named in patient lawsuits more than most nurses might imagine, and perinatal nurses are especially vulnerable. In 2005, 15% of all payments in nursing cases involved perinatal nurses. This article describes what some nurses have felt when faced with litigation, and offers consideration for how nursing as a profession, and perinatal nursing as a specialty, should change its approach toward more support of nurses who find themselves in this circumstance.