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Preterm labor, Culture, Qualitative study, Lived experience



  1. Rattasumpun, Prapa MSc, RN
  2. Raines, Deborah A. PhD, RN


Purpose: To gain an understanding of the lived experience of pregnant women in Thailand who have preterm labor.


Study Design and Methods: Phenomenology using purposeful sampling with pregnant Thai women diagnosed with preterm labor and admitted to two government hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand. A semi-structured interview was conducted in the native language of the participants. Transcripts were analyzed for common themes as appropriate for phenomenological inquiry. Words, statements, and paragraphs were extracted to identify the meaning of the onset of preterm labor to these women.


Results: These participants shared a change in the pregnancy experience from a joyful life-cycle event to a medical complication that threatened fetal and family well-being. Three themes emerged from the data: knowing something was wrong, concern for fetal well-being, and taking on the sick role.


Clinical Implications: The findings from this research demonstrate the importance of acknowledging and incorporating a woman's personal knowledge of her body and the associated changes in planning nursing care and patient education guidelines.