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There's more to great healthcare than medicine. While nurses, physicians, and hospital administrators are experts at patient care, they often lack the business skills needed to be effective managers. The new Vanderbilt Master of Management (MM) in Healthcare is a 1 year degree program designed to arm clinical professionals with the business fundamentals and decision-making skills needed to successfully manage people, programs and processes.


Unlike other management programs, the part-time Vanderbilt MM Healthcare provides a business education specifically tailored to those working healthcare. The Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management collaborated with top health care experts and an extensive health care management faculty to ensure an educational experience that offers immediate, tangible benefits to both students and their employers.


Organizations gain value from this one-of-a-kind program by sponsoring their clinicians, nurse managers, and physicians who have management responsibility but need additional business skills to be more effective. Healthcare organizations can also get help with existing issues through a team capstone project in which students apply business concepts to a real problem, initiative or opportunity identified by their sponsoring employer.


To learn more about the MM Health Care, go to and click on MM Health Care.


Source: Press release, Vanderbilt University, June 17, 2008.