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acute care nurse practitioners, clinical practice guidelines, compliance, critical care



  1. Gracias, Vicente H. MD
  2. Sicoutris, Corinna P. MSN, CRNP
  3. Stawicki, S. Peter MD
  4. Meredith, Denise M. MSN, CRNP
  5. Horan, Annamarie D. PhD
  6. Gupta, Rajan MD
  7. Haut, Elliott R. MD
  8. Auerbach, Sue MHA
  9. Sonnad, Seema PhD
  10. Hanson, C. William III MD
  11. Schwab, C. William MD


This prospective study examined whether the integration of acute care nurse practitioners (ACNP) in a "semiclosed" surgical intensive care unit (SICU) model increased compliance with clinical practice guidelines (CPG). Patients were admitted to critical care services with a (a) "semiclosed"/ACNP team or (b) "mandatory consultation"/non-ACNP team. CPG compliance was significantly higher (P < .05) on the "semiclosed"/ACNP team for all 3 CPGs examined in the study.