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Music, School (secondary), Sports



  1. Kilanowski, Jill F. PhD, RN, CPNP


Purpose: To describe the frequency and types of injuries and illnesses sustained by student members of a high school marching band.


Methods: A descriptive, correlation retrospective study of 2 years of marching band camp health clinic logs.


Results: There were 378 nursing intervention clinic visits for 178 students in 2005 and 596 visits for 224 students in 2006. The visit frequency peaked on Day 3 of full band camp practice. The most common complaint was lower musculoskeletal injury, followed by skin rashes. Significant correlations were found between day of camp, blisters, menstruation, insect bites, asthma, heat distress, and musculoskeletal injuries.


Clinical Implications: Safeguards need to be investigated to protect the musculoskeletal integrity of these high school students. In response to the unique needs of marching band students, the National Athletic Trainers' Association has established guidelines to ensure the safety of these students on the practice field and in public performances. Nurses involved as parents or healthcare providers for adolescents taking part in high school marching bands should consider the athleticism required for this activity and help increase the students' physical activities in the months before the intensive band camp experience.