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increasing nurse supply, nurse shortage, stakeholder



  1. Crow, Stephen M. PhD
  2. Hartman, Sandra J. PhD
  3. Mahesh, Sathiadev PhD
  4. McLendon, Christy L. PhD
  5. Henson, Steve W. PhD
  6. Jacques, Paul H. PhD


As mentioned in part I of our research, the shortage of nurses in the United States remains a persistent problem. Faced with this reality, nursing programs in colleges and universities continue to struggle to expand enrollment levels to meet the spiraling demand. In this part II of our research, we used another familiar tool in strategic management, stakeholder analysis, as one of the steps to discover ways to capitalize on stakeholder relations in a way that draws more students to the profession of nursing. As was the case in part I of our 2-part research, in a 2-round modified Delphi survey, chief administrators of schools of nursing identify those groups who are most influenced by schools of nursing and those groups who have the most influence over schools of nursing.