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The American Academy of Nursing is an organization of distinguished leaders in nursing who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the profession of nursing and to healthcare. It is my pleasure to inform you that because of her significant leadership in infusion nursing practice, Mary Alexander, MA, RN, CRNI(R), CAE, FAAN, Editor of the Journal of Infusion Nursing, was inducted as a Fellow of the Academy on Saturday, November 8, 2008.


Academy Fellows are recognized nationally and internationally as nursing leaders in education, management, practice and research. Mary has contributed selflessly to these areas of nursing. She has been a recognized force in transforming the practice of infusion nursing in the United States and internationally. She has advocated for nurses and nursing by opening doors to partnerships that had not previously existed.


Mary's commitment to excellence in practice and research and her commitment to positive patient outcomes is evident in her work as Editor of the Journal of Infusion Nursing. The Journal is the gold standard of infusion nursing practice and has become a highly regarded resource in the infusion industry. As the Publisher of the Journal of Infusion Nursing, it has been my pleasure to work with Mary, and I look forward to our productive time ahead.


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) is proud of Mary's accomplishment. On behalf of LWW, I am honored to congratulate Mary on this milestone achievement in her nursing career, and offer our profound thanks for her contributions to the LWW nursing program.

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