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LET YOUR PATIENTS with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) know about these online resources if they're looking for psychological support or practical advice. You can use these sites to download patient-education handouts to help your patients learn more about PAD and how they can stay healthy while living with the disease.


American Heart Association


This site provides a wealth of information on PAD, including quick facts, general risk factors, and a list of common symptoms. Visitors can print out information sheets and sign up to receive a monthly e-newsletter that offers the latest news on medical research for PAD and tips on staying healthy.


The site also features an online forum where patients with PAD can communicate with others who've been diagnosed with the disease and support each other through difficult times. They can share their experiences and tips about lifestyle changes that can help make living with the disease easier.


Peripheral Arterial Disease Coalition


An alliance of leading health organizations, government agencies, and vascular health professional societies, the PAD Coalition offers educational materials and up-to-date information about PAD. Visitors to the site can download PDFs of lifesaving tips, watch Webcasts about PAD, and keep up with the latest news on diagnosis and treatment.


Stay in Circulation


Sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, this site offers the latest information about PAD, videos of patients who are living with the disease, and a list of questions to ask healthcare providers. It also provides information on how visitors to the site can become involved in PAD education in their communities.


Vascular Disease Foundation


This site provides comprehensive information about PAD, from symptoms and risk factors to diagnosis and treatment. It offers printable brochures and newsletters, a step-by-step explanation of tests used to diagnose the disease, and a glossary of important terms. It also provides an online tracking program to chart the progress of patients who've started a walking program.




Sponsored by the Society for Vascular Surgery, this site provides information on how PAD is diagnosed and treated, along with detailed illustrations of how it affects the body. Visitors to the site can find a list of vascular screening events in their area. It also offers a list of the tests patients with PAD may need and available surgical treatment options.