1. Sitvast, Jan

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Dear Editor,


In the last e-proof corrections, I seem to have overlooked the listed order of authors, in which Dr Widdershoven should have come last. I did change the order of listing in the described affiliations of all authors. What happened is that only at a late stage I found out what the academic mores are on this point. Dr Widdershoven, being the promotor in my PhD trajectory, is entitled to be mentioned as the last author acording to these mores, while measured in terms of the amount of contribution to the conception and writing of the article he would be rightly in the third place.


As the first author, I (Jan Sitvast) have, of course, done most of the work. I actually wrote it. Tineke Abma (copromotor) is the second author and we discussed several versions of the article together. Tineke Abma suggested lots of changes that I often adopted. Guy Widdershoven played a role in the overall line of thinking that lies at the root of the article and commented on intermediary finished versions of the article. Bert Lendemeijer contributed least of all authors in terms of reading and commenting: his suggestions and comments resulted from reading the article in the very beginning and at the end of the writing process.


So, to my belief and reckoning with the academic mores on this point, the listed order must be J. E. Sitvast, T. A. Abma, H. H. G. M. Lendemeijer, and G. A. M. Widdershoven.


In retrospect, I would like to give due credit to all authors and, therefore, while apologizing for the inconvenience, I kindly request you to publish this letter with the rectification in the listed order of authors.




Jan Sitvast


The Netherlands