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This index contains all feature articles, Acute Care Advisor (ACA), Advocacy in Practice (AP), Clinical Case Report (CCR), Pain Solutions (PS), Drug News (DN), Editor's Memos (EM), Legal File (LF), This Just In (TJI), Business Building (BB), Lab Logic (LL), and Short Communications (SC). An abbreviation in parentheses after the title indicates these regular departments. The index is arranged in two sections: the subject section and the author section.




Could You Pass a Fiscal Fitness Test? (Dirubbo, Nancy E.) (BB) 33(1):9


Create a Lasting First Impression. (Dirubbo, Nancy E.) (BB) 33(6):9


Do We Practice Medicine? (Partin, Beth) (AP) 33(6):7


How Secure Is Your Practice? (Dirubbo, Nancy E.) (BB) 33(4):6


Know Your Business: Exploring NP Self-Employment. (Brown, Deonne) (SC) 33(8):41


Moving on up!! Implementing an Effective APN Promotional Program. (Rowell, Robin, Forsythe, Paula, Avallone, Deborah, Kloos, Janet) 33(12):39


Update on the DNP Degree. (Partin, Beth) (AP) 33(3):7



New Techniques in Carotid Stenting. (Lopez, Ann Carolyn, Roper Laura Denise) 33(4):43


Interpreting 12-Lead ECGs: A Piece by Piece Analysis. (Lieberman, Karen) 33(10):28


Self-management: Improving Heart Failure Outcomes. (Armbrister, Karen A.) 33(11):20



Update on Stroke: The Latest Guidelines. (Granitto, Margaret, Galitz, Dina) 33(1):39



Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy in Primary Care. (Saligan, Leorey N.) 33(10):46


Uncovering Imperative Interventions in Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes. (Appel, Susan J., Wright, Mary Annette, Hill, Alethea N., Ovalle, Fernando) 33(8):20



A Call for Change, A Chance to Celebrate. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(12):5


CMS Revisions: How Are We Affected? (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(10):5


Immediate Action Required!! (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(1):6


Know Your Family History. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(11):5


Leading with Purpose and Passion. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(9):5


Promising Practice for Diverse Populations. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(2):5


Protecting Americans Against Genetic Discrimination. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(6):5


Respecting Personal Boundaries. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(8):5


Retail-Based Clinics a Viable Resource for Primary Care. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(3):6


Teamwork Results in New Practice Standards. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(4):5


Thanks for Your Hard Work!! (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(5):5


What a Tangled Web We Read: Establish Your Internet Info. (Newland, Jamesetta A.) (EM) 33(7):5



Cirrhosis: Caring for Patients with End-stage Liver Failure. (Kelso, Lynn A.) 33(7):24


Colon Cancer Screening: Recommendations and Barriers to Patient Participation. (Peters, Darlene P.) 33(12):14


Colorectal Cancer: New Screening Guideline. (Holcomb, Susan Simmons) (TJI) 33(9):13



Diagnosing Rhinosinusitis: Know Your Guidelines. (Holcomb, Susan Simmons) 33(11):6


Diagnosing Rhinitis: Viral and Allergic Characteristics. (Regan, Elizabeth Neville) 33(9):20


Seeing Red: Guiding the Management of Ocular Hyperemia. (Saligan, Leorey N., Yeh, Steven) 33(6):14


Using Centor Criteria to Diagnose Streptococcal Pharyngitis. (Wagner, Faith P., Mathiason, Michelle A.) (SC) 33(9):10



Age-Appropriate Obesity Treatment. (Jarosz, Patricia A., Bellar, Ann) 33(5):24


Are Your Patients at Nutritional Risk? (Delville, Carol L.) 33(2):36


Can Home-based Primary Care Cut Costs? (North, Lori, Kehm, Linda, Bent, Katherine, Hartman, Timothy) 33(7):39


Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!! Identifying and Managing Infestations. (Sutton, Douglas, Thomas, Debra J.) 33(8):28


Gout: Tips on Diagnosis, Treatment, and Patient Education. (Montgomery, Mariann) 33(12):28


Healthcare Behind Bars: What You Need to Know. (Mathis, Holly, Schoenly, Lorry) 33(5):34


Hospitalist Services: An Evolving Opportunity. (Kleinpell, Ruth M., Hanson, Nicole A., Buchner, Brian R., Winters, Rita, Wilson, Mitchell J., Keck, Audrey C.) (ACA) 33(5):9


Make Each Patient Count: Overcoming Barriers to Clinical Preventive Services. (Berry, Judith A., Coverston, Catherine R., Williams, Mary) 33(2):42


Shouldering the Weight of Obesity. (King, Joyce) 33(11):45


Time to Quit? New Strategies for Tobacco-Dependent Patients. (Andrews, Jeannette O., Heath, Janie, Barone, Claudia P., Tingen, Martha S.) 33(11):34


Update: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes. (Holcomb, Susan Simmons) (TJI) 33(5):12


Using Simulation to Enhance Knowledge and Confidence. (Corbridge, Susan J., McLaughlin, Rich, Tiffen, Jenny, Wade, Leonard, Templin, Rozanna, Corbridge, Thomas C.) (ACA) 33(6):12


Wake Up!! Uncovering Sleep Apnea Misconceptions. (Foster, Elizabeth) 33(6):22



NMR Lipoprofiles: Moving Beyond Cholesterol. (Thornton-Miller, Deborah A.) 33(11):30



Community-Associated MRSA: Coming to a Patient Near You? (Mendyk, Michelle K.) 33(3):26


New CDC Recommendations for HIV Testing in Older Adults. (Tangredi, Lisa A., Danvers, Karina, Molony, Shelia L., Williams, Ann) 33(6):37


The 2008-09 Influenza Season: Are You Ready? (Kapustin, Jane) 33(10):12



Demystifying Abnormal ALP via Enzyme Evaluation. (Fitzgerald, Margaret A.) (LL) 33(8):6


Fight Fatigue by Evaluating Thyroid Function. (LL) (Fitzgerald, Margaret A.) 33(12):6


Hyponatremia Associated with SSRI Use in a 65-Year-Old Woman. (Fitzgerald, Margaret A.) (LL) 33(2):11


Restless Leg Syndrome: Iron Important. (Fitzgerald, Margaret A.) (LL) 33(4):7



20th Annual Legislative Update. (Phillips, Susanne J.) 33(1):10


Alternative Dispute Resolution Part 2: Mediation. (Klein, Cathy A., Klein, Ari B.) (LF) 33(2):13


Alternative Dispute Resolution Part 3: Arbitration. (Klein, Cathy A., Klein, Ari B.) (LF) 33(5):11


Beware!! Another Certification Exam (AP) (Partin, Beth) 33(10):11


Other Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. (Klein, Cathy A., Klein, Ari B.) (LF) 33(8):7


Unite to Fight AMA Resolutions. (Partin, Beth) (AP) 33(12):11



Don't Let SAD Get You Down This Season. (Gill, Jessica M.) 33(12):22


Suicide Risk In Elderly Patients. (Valente, Sharon) 33(8):34



Differential Diagnoses of Knee Pain. (McCoy, Doug) (CCR) 33(2):6


Treating Low Back Pain: The Latest Guidelines. (Holcomb, Susan Simmons) (TJI) 33(8):8



Hallucinations During Lamotrigine Treatment. (Roberts, Christine K., Davenport, Robin, Patel, Harsha N., Patel, Nitin C.) (CCR) 33(3):12


Treatment Challenges in Parkinson's Disease. (Welsh, Mickie) 33(7):32


Treatment of Seizures in a Patient with Batten's Disease. (Patel, Nitin C., Davenport, Robin D., Patel, Harsha N.) (CCR) 33(10):6



Targeting Breast Cancer With Hormonal Treatment Options. (Mellington, Terrie E., Fields, Margaret M.) 33(5):16



Acute Abdominal Pain: A Diagnostic Challenge. (Bartley, Marilynn K.) 33(3):34


Identifying Chronic Pain: Awareness Important. (Miller-Saultz, Debra) (PS) 33(9):6


Pain in the Older Adult. (D'Arcy, Yvonne) (PS) 33(3):18


Treating Osteoporotic Compression Fractures. (D'Arcy, Yvonne) (PS) 33(12):8


Treatment Avenues for Diabetic Neuropathy. (Davies, Pamela) (PS) 33(4):15



ADHD Treatment and the Risk of Substance Abuse. (Sircy, Ruth A., Stojanoski, Aco) 33(4):33


Asperger's Syndrome: From Hiding to Thriving. (Weber, Kristi) 33(7):14


Little Arms, Big League Injuries. (Lee, Samantha G.) 33(4):24


Scratching the Surface: Addressing Self-Harm in Adolescents. (Roux, Susan L., Overcash, Janine) 33(6):30



Ciclesonide (Alvesco) Approved to Treat Asthma. (Laustsen, Gary) (DN) 33(7):11


Drug Approvals: 2007 in Review. (Laustsen, Gary, Shaul, Muriel, Short, Gwendolyn) 33(2):15


The Truth About Rosiglitazone (Avandia). (Ledbetter, Carol, Laustsen, Gary) (DN) 33(6):10



Early Prevention & Identification of Childhood Caries. (Parthasarathy, Pallavi, John, Ritamarie) 33(9):40


Genetics for Advanced Nursing Practice. (Beery, Theresa) 33(11):10


Improving the Quality of Nurse Practitioner Education: The Case of Botswana. (Seitio, Onalenna S., Newland, Jamesetta A.) 33(3):40


Prevention of Preterm Delivery. (Baker, Victoria L.) 33(5):42



Asthma Epidemic: Tighten Your Treatment Options. (Olubummo, Catherine) 33(8):12


Exposing Barriers to Asthma Care in Hispanic Children. (Aceved-Nieves, Rose M.) 33(4):37


New Asthma Guidelines Encourage More Activity and a Better Night's Sleep. (Holcomb, Susan Simmons) (TJI) 33(3):9



Implementation of Wound Management in a Rural Setting. (Day, Cathy, Boynton, Patricia) 33(9):35


Treating Acute Onset of Psoriasis. (Christopher, Gina F., Meires, Jan) (CCR) 33(7):7



Understanding & Treating Premature Ejaculation. (Rowland, David L., Rose, Peggy) 33(10):21


Vulvodynia & Pelvic Pain: Think Interstitial Cystitis. (Siegel, Judy Fried, Sand, Peter K., Sasso, Karen) 33(10):40



Chest Pain in Women: What's the Difference? (Eden, Brenda M.) 33(2):24


Current Acceptance of the HPV Vaccine. (Miller, Megan M., Wilson, Julie M., Waldrop, Julee) 33(4):18


Hormonal Contraception: Is It Worth It? (Hellier, Susan) 33(10):37


Save the Date: Screening Tips and New Vaccines for Female HPV. (Bruce, Maureen L., Baril, Claudette) 33(9):28


Stretching Midlife Maladies Away: A Guide for Women. (Layne, Valerie A., Fitzpatrick, Joyce J.) 33(12):33


Vulvodynia & Pelvic Pain: Think Interstitial Cystitis. (Siegel, Judy Fried, Sand, Peter K., Sasso, Karen) 33(10):40



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