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  1. Looijer-van Langen, Mirjam A.C. MD
  2. Prajapati, Vimal
  3. Dieleman, Levinus A. MD, PhD


Probiotics and prebiotics are promising nutraceuticals that may exert a beneficial effect in many medical conditions including inflammatory bowel disease. With the increasing occurrence of antibiotic resistance, the search for medication with little side effects, and the need for options for patients with inflammatory bowel disease who are unresponsive to current therapies, research into alternative therapeutic options is justified. Preclinical studies have provided insights into the effects of probiotics and prebiotics on the immune system and gut microbiota. This new information, along with the older evidence, shows that probiotics and prebiotics may ameliorate chronic intestinal inflammation. This article gives a short overview on current knowledge of probiotics and prebiotics.