1. Schumacher, Susan MS, APRN, BC

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C. A. Miller. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2009. ISBN 978-0-7817-7175-7. 624 pp.


This gerontological nursing textbook is highly recommended for nurses across the continuum of educational preparation. Miller's Functional Consequences Theory serves as a framework for discussing evidence-based assessment tools, age-related changes by system, risk factors, nursing interventions, and wellness outcomes. The author articulates the essential role of nursing in assisting adults to achieve their optimal level of functioning and quality of life at any age.


This textbook provides nurses in any healthcare setting new information on holistic, wellness-oriented nursing care. There are 5 parts to the book:


Older adults and wellness


Nursing considerations for older adults


Promoting wellness in psychosocial function


Promoting wellness in physical function


Promoting wellness in all stages of health and illness



Each part is discussed thoroughly, with exercises such as progressive case studies, critical thinking, and sample care plans. Content includes the most current statistics, research, and information. Difficult issues such as decisions about driving a car, elder abuse, cultural considerations, and tube feeding are addressed. Online resources for students and instructors are also available.


The reader will find this text well organized. The table of contents outlines each chapter to a level of specificity that makes finding a topic very easy. There is an index of content related to assessment and intervention boxes, which would be useful when referencing an assessment tool or guideline.


Key additions to the fifth edition are theory illustrations, wellness opportunities (pearls of information), and student's perspectives. This text incorporates stories of student's experiences as another method to assist the reader to learn about gerontological nursing.


This textbook could be used by a graduate student, advanced practice nurse, or clinical nurse specialist in developing geriatric programs, supporting discussions with staff nurses, developing standards of care, and teaching educational programs. It would be an excellent reference for nurses on medical/surgical units, home care, or acute care of the elderly units.