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By Kenneth P. Mottram


160 pp., Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2007, $17.99, paperback.


Review: Although written for pastors and church leaders, this is helpful information for Christian healthcare professionals. Mottram, an experienced hospital chaplain, thoroughly explores ethical dilemmas, the basics of medical ethics, and how to engage in advocacy and offer support in a medical crisis. He takes an in-depth biblical look at ethics and spiritual advocacy, discussing the revealed character of God, what it means to be created in the image of God, and how Christians can be effective advocates offering spiritual intervention in a crisis. Mottram explores Christian distinctives in facing ethical dilemmas, such as having the Bible as a source of truth, knowing death is not the end, and the realization we are not alone. He provides a Christian model for ethical decision making, and addresses delicate issues of organ donation, advance directives, and grief. Mottram sensitively offers insight into how to be present and listen, and how to offer "crisis prayers" (p. 149), literally things to pray for a patient and family facing a medical crisis. Case studies and real-life situations are peppered throughout the book, making the material applied and practical. This is a good resource for Christian nurses to read and then share with clergy or church leaders. -KSS