1. Frisch, Charles MS, RN, CRNA, CH, FAAPM

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In "Drinking and Eating During Childbirth" (In the News, September 2008) I was very disappointed to read a quote attributed to Leslie Ludka, a senior technical adviser at the American College of Nurse-Midwives. She said, "Aspiration has more to do with the use of general anesthesia and the skill of the anesthesiologist than with what the laboring woman eats or drinks." She implies that only physicians administer anesthesia. How can advanced practice nurses expect recognition of their skills and knowledge when a member of one of the national advanced practice nursing organizations doesn't recognize their contribution?


Certified registered nurse anesthetists are involved in many anesthesia procedures across the country and are the sole anesthesia providers in many rural areas.


Charles Frisch, MS, RN, CRNA, CH, FAAPM


Alliance, NE


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