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As we enter 2009 with a new president and leaders, think of your role in advocacy for our patients and programs. New administration team members are usually open to education, especially from constituents, about what home care and hospices do every day for patients and families at home. Think about sharing your issue of Home Healthcare Nurse or other information with your new local or state representative and his or her health policy aide. Offer to take them along on a home visit; it is easy to "forget" home care, as we do not have huge structures housing patients such as hospitals and other inpatient buildings. I have been told that these home visits are often "a ha" moments when the connection is made!!


Another change is the pending OASIS-C document. Your comments are needed by January 13th. Visit to review the packet that was submitted by CMS to the Office of Management and Budget.

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Please review this important document and provide your constructive and precise comments. As you understand, this is not an opportunity to rant about OASIS in general (or the burden) but an opportunity to frame specific responses to the potential (new data collection) items. If you have a way to make things better, and more specific, this is the time to say so. For example, "hearing ability" and "understanding verbal content" are two different items in OASIS-C-is this better than the current item? Please consider how to comment; not just "that is good," but think how to make it "better" (e.g., clearer for getting more accurate information). Please respond to this request for comments!! You have the skill set to make things clearer!!


Because the new year makes many of us think of New Year's resolutions, please make contributing to Home Healthcare Nurse one of yours for 2009. To provide some ideas, we have listed the 2009 editorial themes and the first quarter of 2010 themes. As you read this January issue, know that articles are being accepted for the May issue. I want to talk to you if you are interested in writing; kindly e-mail me at, and we can go from there. HHN embraces all aspects of home care and hospice at home; it seeks to reflect the interdisciplinary and coordination aspects of care in the home. We also seek more international papers and manuscripts from educators working with students of all disciplines providing care in homes.


I look forward to hearing from you about your idea for an article. If you are unsure about your topic or want more ideas, I have a list that we can review together. Or, if easier, just call me at (941) 697-2900. Thanks for all your efforts and we wish you a good 2009!!

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