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  1. Sadowski, Cheryl A.
  2. Jones, Allyson C.
  3. Gordon, Beverly
  4. Feeny, David H.

This study examined awareness of the risk factors for falling among a group of community dwelling patients with Parkinson disease (PD) using the Falls Risk Awareness Questionnaire (FRAQ). A cross-sectional survey of 28 patients who attended a Movement Disorders Clinic for treatment of PD was used. FRAQ is a 28-item self-administered survey that assesses the knowledge and perception of risk factors for falling. Demographic, medical, and medication data were gathered from both the participants and clinic charts. Twenty-three (82%) of the participants reported falls in the past; seven (30%) had fallen within the past month. Nineteen (68%) of the participants felt they were at risk for further falls. When asked to list potential risk factors for falling, only 14% could identify medication as a risk factor. Persons with PD are at substantial risk of falling, yet many appear to be unaware of common risk factors, especially medication use.