1. Bradley, Gina MS RN CNRN

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2 Gliacyte and gliadel are types of _____therapy for brain tumors


4 Germanoma is a type of ____cell tumor.


6 Area of the brain stem where tumors can arise


10 Ependymomas may cause an obstruction of ________.


13 Frequently the presenting symptoms in brain tumor patients


16 Dexamethasone is prescribed to reduce this


17 Tumors that originate in the brain


18 Standard chemotherapy for newly diagnosed GBM


19 Tumor of cranial nerve VIII; _____ neuroma


20 ______metastasis is AKA carcinogenous meningitis


21 Aggressive brain tumor rated grade III on WHO scale


22 The diagnosis of brain tumor can have a significant impact on the patient and their ________



1 GBM is a type of ____tumor


2 Lesion in this area may cause mood swings, personality changes, and impulsiveness


3 Brain tumor that originates from another body organ


5 Given in divided doses or fractionated


7 Death of the tumor cells


8 Brain tumor that arises from the meninges: often benign


9 Agent that works at cellular level to prevent malignant cell growth


11 Elevation in this may cause mental status changes, herniation, and death


12 Diagnostic tool of choice for brain tumors


14 Lesion in this area may cause nystagmus, ataxia, and dysmetria


15 Common complication in brain tumor patients