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AJN's new Web site,, is all new, offering not only access to current and past issues of AJN but also many innovative features and personal options.


All AJN subscribers now have FREE access to


* improved searching capabilities throughout the expanded site: users can search by author, topic, or keyword.


* full access to AJN's archives, beginning with the first issue in October 1900.


* customization options that allow users to save searches, make their own collections of articles and images, and create e-mail alerts for specific topics.


* listings of "Editor's Picks" and most popular articles.


* podcasts that include a discussion of each issue's highlights, interviews with authors in "Behind the Article," and in "Conversations" discussions with some of the most interesting and prominent figures in nursing, politics, and other fields.



And coming soon: blogs, weekly news alerts, and more options to interact with nurses and AJN's editorial staff.


February 2009 Podcasts

Monthly Highlights: editor-in-chief Diana Mason outlines the contents of the current issue.


Behind the Article presents audio interviews with authors whose articles are in the current issue of AJN.


* Amanda Stefancyk, a nurse manager from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston tells Diana Mason about her monthly series in AJN, Transforming Care at the Bedside, and how nurses on her unit are changing their practice.


* Nancy C. Sharts-Hopko, coauthor of our continuing education article "Primary Open Angle Glaucoma," talks with Diana Mason about her personal experience as a patient with the disorder.



Conversations offers podcast interviews with nursing leaders and other notables on their lives, their work, and their ways of seeing the world. This month, Diana Mason shares her conversations with David Benton, the new CEO of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and his ICN colleague Linda Carrier-Walker, who talk about their work and the issues they see as most important to international nursing.

Figure. David Benton... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. David Benton
Figure. Linda Carrie... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. Linda Carrier-Walker

And look for these January 2009 podcasts:


* Jane Barnsteiner, professor of nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and AJN contributing editor, talks with Diana Mason about the Joint Commission's new requirement that all accredited facilities enforce a "code of conduct" that may improve communication between nurses and physicians.


* Jeanie Kayser-Jones, author of "Case Study: Dying with a Stage IV Pressure Ulcer," talks with Diana Mason about her work as a researcher in nursing homes and the ethical dilemmas that arise when a researcher witnesses poor care.