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  1. Buyckx, Maxime E. MD


Abstract: Although the thirst mechanism is the basic and most important mechanism to maintain euhydration, many other factors also influence our ability to hydrate. These include genetic background, age, availability, as well as social environment and cultural factors. These latter influences have engendered many myths and misconceptions concerning water and beverages and their capabilities and their requirements to maintain normal hydration. Foremost among these myths are those involving the consumption of beverages. For example, it has long been thought that the consumption of caffeinated beverages can lead to total water deficit. It is now evident that caffeinated beverages, despite the mild diuretic effect of caffeine, seem to contribute positively to satisfy water requirements in those individuals who customarily consume caffeine-containing beverages. Finally, there is increasing research interest on defining optimal fluid intake for promoting health and preventing diseases, including urolithiasis, urinary tract infection, and other chronic conditions.