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Real-time fluid deficit measurement

[black small square] The DOLPHIN II Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System by Gyrus ACMI (AORN booth #344) provides accurate, real-time measurement of fluid deficit and pressure during hysteroscopy and resection. During an operative hysteroscopy and resection procedure, the OR team works diligently to protect the patient against the dangers of fluid intravasation.


Features of the DOLPHIN II include built-in warming systems to alert users to high pressure or when fluid exceeds the deficit level, an easy-to-read display, which allows real-time, accurate monitoring of fluid deficit, and a nonpulsatile, even-pressure pump. In addition, the system is easy to operate, with prompts to help the user through patient setup and can indicate when the bag needs to be changed.


ID products prevent errors

[black small square] EPS Inc.'s identification bands are available in both mother/infant and mother/father/infant styles. They provide positive identification for both parents and newborn children. Matching serial numbers ensure that the infant and parents are properly correlated. The extra soft plastic and nonirritating snap provide comfort for both parents and child. They're available in both three-part and four-part styles in white, pink, or blue.


The EPS Speedi-Bands are ideal for use with any identification band. The permanent ink is resistant to water, alcohol, and smears. They're available in blue, green, red, and black, and can be used to mark materials and supplies throughout the hospital.

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EPS Secureline Surgical Skin Markers are available in both sterile and nonsterile styles. Sterile pens are packaged in a peel-down, nonfiber shedding plastic package specifically designed for use in sterile fields.


System controls desired therapy setting

[black small square] The EQUATOR Convective Warming System from Smiths Medical (AORN booth #2434) provides controlled convective warming in a compact design. Features include the system's small footprint, which requires minimum floor space and offers multiple mounting options, including an I.V. pole, table, rolling cart, or floor mount. The hose end blanket connector fits securely into the blanket port connection to prevent the blanket from falling out.


The EQUATOR's patented temperature control system ensures the desired therapy setting, while the high air flow distributes the heat across the blanket. Four temperature selections are displayed on a large digital readout for all therapy needs, and the self-test on start-up prior to each use, over/under temperature, and visual alarms on the front panel ensure proper functioning and added safety.

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Custom syringe preparations for better name recognition

[black small square] PharMEDium (AORN booth #982) OR anesthesia custom syringe preparations improve drug name recognition in critical situations, thanks to labels with American Society of Anesthesiologists-endorsed American Society for Testing and Materials color coding by drug class.


PharMEDium preparations include antibiotics (cefazolin), anticholinergics (atropine), beta-adrenergic blockers (esmolol), neuromuscular blockade agents (succinylcholine), induction agents (ketamine), local anesthetics (bupivacaine), and many others.


Safety features of these custom syringe preparations include labeling that utilizes a dual-drug name band, shapes, reverse printing, and tall man lettering to differentiate the drugs and concentrations, tamper-evident packaging, and compliance with Joint Commission Patient Safety Goal 3d for labeling of all medications used in the perioperative environment.


Pre-op surgical skin marker for correct site marking

[black small square] The Mini Pre-op Surgical Skin Marker from RMAC Surgical Inc. (AORN booth #386) provides the ideal solution to marking patients prior to surgery. These single-patient use markers offer an economical alternative to opening a sterile package. The Mini is one-third of the size and one-third of the cost of a regular sized skin marker. Nurses and other healthcare professionals do not want to reuse regular size skin markers from patient to patient due to fears of cross-contamination. The Mini helps hospital staff comply with the Joint Commission Universal Protocol by preventing cross contamination, reducing costs, and driving compliance.


Fluid warming cabinets ensure greater temperature accuracy

[black small square] The Warm Watch injection/irrigation fluid warming cabinets now offered by Enthermics Medical Systems (AORN booth #2324) is an automatic recording and verifying system with greater temperature accuracy and significant labor savings. The warming cabinets with the Warm Watch option feature a continuous temperature monitoring system that provides users instant visual confirmation of the chamber temperature. An independent monitoring probe verifies that the chamber reaches and maintains the set-point temperature within +0/-1.1[degrees] C (+0/-2[degrees] F) accuracy. The cabinets feature intuitive controls, rugged construction, and reliable warming.


Ergonomic valvulotome effective in small and large veins

[black small square] The Koven Valvulotome by Koven Technology (AORN booth #1927) was designed by a vascular surgeron for in situ bypass graft procedures to maximize safety and effectiveness. The device enables the surgeon to maintain control by adjusting the blade diameter while inside the vessel. The handle is ergonomically designed with a single-handed blade release and retrieval. Stationary blade deployment ensures that the cutting head stays in place as the blades are deployed.


The Koven Valvulotome is equally effective in small and large veins, and its unique design prevents the blades from coming in contact with the vein wall. The blades are capable of capturing the valves while in a closed position for more effective cutting.

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