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education, evidence-based practice, theory-practice gap



  1. Peck, Sydney MS, RN
  2. Lester, Jennifer MSN, RN, CPNP-PC
  3. Hinshaw, Ginger MS, RN
  4. Stiles, Anne PhD, RN
  5. Dingman, Sharon K. MS, RN


The theory-practice gap is one component of the barriers to implementing evidence-based practice. Texas Woman's University College of Nursing and Presbyterian Hospital of Denton joined forces to bridge this gap, allowing doctoral students to provide educational offerings to practicing nurses. Through a Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need grant, doctoral students completed supervised teaching practicums at the hospital, assisting the hospital to implement evidence-based practice with the ultimate goal of applying for Magnet status. The hospital benefited from the addition of research expertise and mentoring for the staff members. The students benefited from the opportunities to teach and to share knowledge with these clinical experts. This program has been successful in meeting the needs of both parties. Recommendations are given for other institutions interested in establishing similar relationships.