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By Kathleen D. Pagana


206 pp., Indianapolis, IN: Sigma Theta Tau, 2008, $19.95, paperback


Review: This is a fun book that takes a typically dull subject and makes it entertaining. Pagana writes about business etiquette for nurses, telling us how professional etiquette can advance our nursing career. She begins with a short true-false quiz about simple etiquette, asking things like whether or not it is acceptable to send a thank you note by email, the proper order for introductions at work, and what to do if your name is mispronounced. Pagana covers making introductions, conversation and networking for career success, professional presence and appearance, interviewing techniques, properly controlling communication technology, mingling at business events, dining etiquette, expressing gratitude in the best way, business travel, and global business etiquette. You'll learn how to write a good business letter, what to order off the menu at a working lunch, what to say when; how to perform well in business, social, and professional situations.

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This book is a good read for anyone interested in presenting him-or herself well. It is an especially great resource for nursing students planning on job interviews for after graduation. In case you're wondering, a handwritten thank-you note of two or three sentences is "the difference between feeling grateful and showing your gratitude" (p. 132). Only email a thank-you note if you are following it with a mailed note (pp. 132-135).




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